Over 700,000 UK Households Could Have Access To Child Pornography Says Charity

A minority of web users in UK still have access to the websites showing child abuse in spite of the government’s assurance to ban them, key children’s charities asserted on Monday.

The Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety (CHIS), which includes The Children’s Society, The NSPCC, and Barnardo’s, stated that it was really worried that few Internet Service Providers (ISPs) still let its customers to have access to the child abuse websites.

Commenting upon the behalf of the Coalition, Zoe Hilton, NSPCC’s policy advisor, said in a statement, “Over 700,000 households in the UK can still get uninterrupted and easy access to illegal child abuse image sites.

Allowing this loophole helps to feed the appalling trade in images which feature real children being seriously sexually assaulted.”

Along the same line, Ms Hilton called for some strict measures from the government so as to ensure that the ISPs should stop showing any online content on child abuse.

Back in 2006, the Home Office ascertained it was Government policy that all ISPs in Britain should employ a blocking methodology for images depicting child abuse, on the basis of list of illicit websites as maintained by the Internet Watch Foundation, and that this must be achieved by the end of the year 2007, Ms Hilton added.

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Our Comments

These figures, as frightening as they could be, don't hide the ugly truth that Child Pornography is not something that can currently be controlled as it relies on whitelisting to work efficiently. Criminals and perverts can easily circumvent the list by using alternative media like P2P, Usenet or dedicated websites like Megaupload or Rapidshare.

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