Philips Releases More Net-enabled LCD TV Sets

Consumer Electronics giant Philips has announced that it will be launching a few more of its super slim Series 9000 LCD Televisions later this year.

Two models will be part of the 9600 series and one in the 9700 series; all three are Full HD compatible (displaying 1920x1080 pixels), all sport an aluminium frame and comes with the Ambilight colour-adjusting technology on three sides.

They also come with Wi-Fi connectivity and integrate Philips novel Net TV feature. On top of that, the new range comes with integrated Freeview and a whopping fiev HDMI ports.

The 9604 comes either in 32-inch or 37-inch screen sizes, has a refresh rate of 100Hz and a 2ms response time.

The 9664 is a 20mm beauty that comes in 42-inch and 47-inch flavours and offers what Philips claims is the world's fastest LCD technology at 200Hz with a 1ms access time. This means less motion blur and sharper images.

As for the 9700 model, it spans all the way to 52-inch in size and shares the best of what the 9664 has to offer. Philips has yet to release any pricing or release dates but expect them to be on the expensive side.

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Our Comments

The new Philips television come with the manufacturer's Pixel Perfect HD engine which can apparently deal with 500 million pixels per second. Given a refresh rate of 200Hz, that's 2.5 megapixel per frame. The monitors therefore have room for manoeuvre since they only top around 2 million pixels.

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