TealOS Brings WebOS To Palm's Old Smartphones

With the much touted Palm Pre handset all set to be launched next month, TealPoint has unleashed launcher/skin combination software, tagged as “TealOS”, which bears close resemblance with the Palm Pre’s signature WebOS.

Claimed as ‘The next best thing to WebOS’, the software application offers looks and feel akin to the Palm’s operating system, emulating the ‘card-based interface’ of the Palm Pre’s WebOS, thereby offering a chance to phone enthusiasts to experience the features similar to that of the much-hyped Palm’s operating system for the handset.

The application hosts a variety of features similar to those available in WebOS, such as thumbnail image cards support, customizable background images, translucent applications display, along with a pop-up “wave” launcher.

The software, just like WebOS, enables its users to browse up to twenty cards of recently accessed applications thumbnails by dragging them across the interface of the handset; while a slow drag transfers the thumbnails on-by-one, a quick action ‘throws’ the cards rapidly.

TealPoint has also successfully emulated the ‘wave launcher’ and drag’n’tap feature of Palm’s yet to be released operating system for the handset.

The software is found to run smoothly on Centro handsets that serve as a prelude to the functioning and capabilities of WebOS. The software can be downloaded from TealPoint’s website and it costs $14.95.

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Our Comments

Palm may be down but it is not out although TealOS is not going to help much in the battle that the company is waging against Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry and Android. You can view a video of TealOS in Action below.

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