Tony Buzan Part 2 – When to Create Mind Maps and How to Manage Knowledge

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This podcast follows on from Tony Buzan part 1 - The Latest in Mind Map technology. In part 2, Ben Chai editor of Learning Technologies magazine continues his discussion with Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, how to effectively use Mind Maps and how people can learn how to manage knowledge.

Words taken from Tony Buzan’s own website show just how powerful Mind Maps can be in helping you recall and present information.

“On a practical level, Mind Maps can help you manage your workload, plan presentations and solve the toughest of business dilemmas. They can also fulfil the role of a life coach by helping you figure out what you want from your life, while giving you a clear overview of complex situations and taking the stress from demanding obligations.

The more I have worked with different people in diverse organisations, the more roles I have noticed for Mind Maps. Mind Maps are being used in astonishingly imaginative and creative ways, by all kinds of people all over the world.”

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