UK Government Looking For £160K Head Twitterer

Popular Twitter Stephen Fry might be interested to know that the UK government is looking for a senior civil servant that could "develop a strategy and implementation plan for extending digital engagement across Government".

The job which could be taken on a part-time basis by anyone with an EEA passport or by someone from a Commonwealth country, will get a salary of up to £160,000 (that's roughly £72 per hour), 30 days holidays and a 3 year contract.

The chosen candidate, who will be known as the director of digital engagement, will be reporting to the permanent secretary and will be earning slightly less of than Gordon Brown, the PM.

He will amongst other things, act as the head of profession for civil servants working on digital engagement, introduce new techniques and software for digital engagement, such as ‘jams’ into Government and work closely with the Ministerial Group on Digital Engagement, delivering the work agreed at Cabinet on digital engagement

Unsurprisingly, the post has attracted heavy criticism from members of the opposition, some of whom have called it a "grotesque waste of public money", given the fact that millions are still without a computer and an internet access.

This comes at a time when the British government has already announced that will be cutting back on expenses by slashing thousands of Whitehall posts.

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Our Comments

The job description also includes a few interesting tidbits; whoever is chosen will have to work with a "small team" and a "small budget" and within two years, the use of world class digital engagement techniques should be embedded in the normal work of Government. If that means, Twittering, Facebooking and Myspacing all day...

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