Broadband Now Makes Up 95 Percent Of Internet Connections In UK

Broadband connections now account for as many as over 19 out of 20 internet connections in the UK, a recent survey on internet connectivity by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed.

According to the new study, broadband lines in UK accounted for up to 95.1 percent of the total internet connections in December 2008, up from 94.1 percent registered in the month of September last year.

The study clearly marks the gradual demise of dial-up connections in UK, as it had only accounted for around 4.9 percent of the total internet connections, which shows that some areas in the country still don’t have broadband access.

In addition, the study also indicated rise in the number of broadband users using speedier internet connections, as around 59.6 percent of broadband users surfed with the speeds greater that 2Mbps, as against 57.7 percent users in September 2008.

The survey further shows that the year-over-year has increased significantly up to 4.1 percent, as compared 0.8 percent registered in the last quarter.

“The market share of broadband connections has been increasing since the index began in 2001, reflecting its continuing popularity, widespread availability and increasingly competitive connection packages”, the ONS said in its report.

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Our Comments

Dial Up is dead. But many manufacturers, for some reasons, are STILL putting analog modems in laptops. Now shunning modems would be a great way of cutting cost, even better would be to replace it by one more USB port. Even as an emergency line, it is more convenient to keep a USB dongle which is both cheaper and faster than any 56K modem.

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