Citrix and Microsoft Target VMWare With Essentials Suite

In a bid to take on VMWare’s influence in server virtualization domain, Citrix and Microsoft have collaboratively announced Citrix Essentials suite for the Microsoft’s signature Hyper-V technology.

In addition, Citrix also announced a refurbished iteration of its virtualization platform, tagged as “XenServer”, which will be available for free of charge to any user for the unrestricted production deployment.

Previously codenamed as “Project Encore”, Citrix Essentials offers businesses the flexibility to upgrade deployments using the Hyper-V server 2008, along with the support to Citrix’s own XenServer.

Set to be available in the second quarter of this year, Citrix Essentials would offer a wide range of features, including Advanced StorageLink capability, dynamic provisioning, along with Workflow Orchestration, which substantially simplifies the operation and storage configurations and paves way for easier remote management across any network.

The suite offers a number of features delivered by datacentre line-up from VMWare, and exhibits the capability to attract new entrants into the virtualization industry.

Citrix Essentials will become available in two distinct versions, namely Enterprise, which will cost around $ 1,500 per physical server, and Platinum, which will cost $3,000, and the difference in the price structure of the two owes to the Platinum edition’s in-built lab management tools.

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Our Comments

VMWare's plans for world domination could possibly be scuppered by Citrix and Microsoft, two companies which were not exactly best mates. Server Virtualisation is a huge market now and is going to get bigger as companies look to consolidate IT resources. They will resort to cost-cutting exercises like upgrading their existing servers (add more memory, change processors) and trying to max them out before actually upgrading.

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