Google's Gmail Service Down; SaaS Model in Doubt?

Google popular email service, Gmail, has been suffering from a major issue since early this morning; thousands of users and businesses, both on individual and paid-for corporate accounts, have been hit hard by the downtime.

According to Twitter, the first reports of a widespread Gmail outage were reported as early as 1016 UK Time (ed: Twitter's Search can only report the first 100 search result pages) and readers worldwide said that they were affected.

It looks as if only Gmail was affected as Google Docs and Google Talk were fully operational. Furthermore some users who were using Google Android Phones (like the T-Mobile G1) were reportedly able to access their Gmail Accounts.

Others like Guardianista Jemina Kiss, said that the downtime had forced her to go back to Lotus Notes while other Gmail users were still trying to get online by using Imap access.

In a statement, Google said that "A number of users are having difficulty accessing Gmail and we're working to resolve the problem. We know how important Gmail is to users so we are taking this very seriously and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Users have been told to go to Google's Gmail support page at which is not working at the time of writing in Google Chrome. And the online Giant has yet to update the official Gmail blog to address its users concern.

At the time of writing, things seem to have reverted back to normal and the 113 million or so Gmail users can go back to their usual business.

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Our Comments

Google has kept silent as to what exactly happened. Expect a statement to be issued in the next few days (or at least a post on Gmail's official blog page). Today's will be remembered as a stark reminder that the Cloud computing even when handled by Amazon or Gmail is not 100 percent secure and stable.

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