LG Touchscreen Watch Phone To Cost £1000 On Orange

Consumers trying to get their hands on the latest LG watch phone, the GD910, may be in for a shock as Orange has put a £1000 price tag on the prized handset (ed: or is it wristset).

According to Mobile Today, the LG device, which is exclusive to Orange across Europe, is likely to attract a £40 per month contract price with £500 for the phone

It is highly probable that Orange matches O2's top pricing and offers the phone for free with a 2-year, £75 per month contract, 3000 minutes, unlimited texts and 500 MB internet browsing.

Launched at last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the LG Watch Phone can be used to make video calls although that will require an additional handset.

LG has yet to provide with more details with regards to the OS being used and how people with fat fingers will be entering text. Won't be easy on a phone that costs nearly three times as much as an iPhone.

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Our Comments

We wouldn't dare using one of those to make a call, simply because it would be impractical to wear a Bluetooth handset all the time. Furthermore, having a £1000 gem hanging on your left wrist is a risky venture in certain parts of London where you can get mugged (or killed) for much less.

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