Online Privacy is Web Users' Top Concern

A survey conducted by online advertising company Burstmedia found out that the overwhelming number of adults were concerned about their privacy online and how data about them was handled.

The survey, based on a sample of 4000 adults, also found out that users are less concerned about their privacy the younger they are; 85 percent of those 55 years or older saying they were concerned about online privacy.

60 percent of those surveyed were fully aware that their behaviour was being monitored and analysed online and nearly a quarter of those who responded did not mind if data collected could not be traced back to a single individual.

There is also a significant gender difference with men saying that they are more likely to accept being targeted by ads based on their browsing habits.

Surprisingly, most people surveyed said that they did not find any difference in the type of adverts they encountered online even if they had been targeted.

The study comes a few days after the backlash that Facebook faced following the modifications in the social networking website's terms and conditions which essentially surrendered individual users' rights to content they placed on the site.

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Our Comments

The words that tech visionary Scott McNealy uttered more than a decade ago still echoes in's towers: "Privacy is dead, deal with it". Web users have essentially made a pact with the devil by selling their details for free services and products. Ironically, this survey was carried out on behalf of a company that actually sells online advertising.

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