Spotify On iPhone Could Kill Apple's iTunes

Music enthusiasts could enjoy the services from Spotify, the cloud-based music streaming service that includes most of the prominent music labels, over their smartphone devices, as the iPhone version of the streaming service seems to be there in the offing, according to report from the technology blog TechCrunch.

TechCrunch is indicating towards the hiring of a “director of portable solutions and Symbian 60 developer” by Spotify, as the move that clearly depicts company’s intention to launch mobile version of its music streaming services.

Citing the possibility of iPhone version of the service, the technology blog writes, “Ever since hot streaming music startup Spotify hired a director of “portable solutions” you just knew they were going to do something cool in mobile. And frankly there is no cooler place to do it right now than on the iPhone”.

If the reports from TechCrunch are believed to be true, then the iPhone version of Spotify will initially be available at a cost to few premium users only, offering them the access to playlists and over-the-air streaming of the complete catalogue over the 3G networks.

In addition, the blog also notified about the feature to “cache the playlists, which would offer iPhone users the flexibility to save the tracks temporarily on their iPhone device in order to listen to them when out of range of Wi-Fi networks.

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Our Comments

Spotify has been getting some great coverage lately and if the startup gets substantial backing from mobile phone network, it could gear up to become one of iTunes's worst nightmare.

Pricing has yet to be unveiled and it is likely that because the music tracks will be streamed over the air, coverage might be patchy. Yet with some smart caching and some clever tricks, Spotify could well be the killer App for the iPhone.

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