Ubuntu Releases Karmic Koala With Cloud Computing In Mind

Ubuntu’s founder Mark Shuttleworth has disclosed that his company plans to release this Friday its Ubuntu Linux distribution version 9.10, tagged as “Karmic Koala”, which will feature enhanced compatibility for netbooks, improved cloud computing support, along with faster booting performance.

The new version will incorporate support for EC2, Amazon’s signature cloud computing services, in addition to the range of standard Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to enable applications to collaborate easily by utilising similar configurations, Shuttleworth notified.

Amazon’s EC2 platform extends support to Windows Server 2003 and OpenSolaris, along with support to other Linux distributions, including Oracle Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise.

In addition to the support to EC2 platform, Karmic Koala will also include an open source tool, codenamed as “Eucalyptus”, which will enable companies to create EC2-like cloud computing models in their own data centres.

Along with these, the new version will also offer the feature for improved management of energy consumption at data centres, allowing servers to hibernate when there is no work to be performed, and feature to resume rapidly when workload enhances, thereby changing the resource installations dynamically as per the needs of the users, Shuttleworth stated.

Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, releases a couple of Ubuntu updates every year, in April and October, each with animal nicknames, and along the same line the company will release the version 9.04, dubbed as “Jaunty Jackalope”, in April this year that will offer enhanced the experience with web-hosted applications and faster boot time.

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Our Comments

Karmic Koala or Ubuntu 10 could well be the company's answer to Windows 7. Like Microsoft's forthcoming operating system, Koala will be looking to streamline its internal processes and resource allocation so that it can work faster on netbooks. Also worth noting is the focus on cloud computing which could unleash a whole new set of possibilities

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