Google Will Help EU In Antitrust Tussle Against Microsoft

After Mozilla and Opera, Google has also joined the chorus of voices seeking to extend a helping hand to the European Commission in its investigation against Microsoft over the charges of anti-competitive behaviour.

The search giant announced on Tuesday that it wants to help EU watchdog to prove the antitrust charges over Microsoft’s dominance in the web browser market.

Asserting the search company’s wish to assist the Commission, Sundar Pichai, Google’s vice president for product development, wrote in a blog post, “We are applying to become a third party in the European Commission’s proceeding.”

Pichai further went on to say that “Google believes that the browser market is still largely uncompetitive, which holds back innovation for users”, this largely owes to the bundling of Internet Explorer with the Microsoft’s dominant Windows operating systems.

The move from Google is said to be in line with Mozilla’s objections over bundling of Internet Explorer web browser with the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

With the addition of Google, Microsoft seems to be facing an all round attack from web browser companies that was initiated by Opera last year, when the company lodged a complaint, which prompted European Commission to probe into the matter closely.

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Our Comments

Intriguing to find that Google, Mozilla and Opera are coming together to fight Microsoft in the browser market. The only one missing is Apple but they are unlikely to step in. All three protagonists have a LOT to gain if Microsoft falls to ground. Furthermore, Google is unlikely to attract the same level of bashing as Mozilla.

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