UK Gov Debuts Digital Britain Forum Website

The UK Government has pushed live an online discussion forum at in a bid to foster debate about its recently released Digital Britain report, which primarily aims at propelling UK’s growth as a hub for high-tech industry.

Lord Carter, the UK’s Minister for Communications and Broadcasting, presented an interim report last month, in which the government spells out its key objectives, including broadband for all and revamped wire and wireless internet connections.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Lord Carter said in a statement, “We understand that there’s huge interest in the Digital Britain report and have already seen a flood of comments posted on various web sites and blogs. So today we are opening up our own online forum for the report”.

He further went on to say that the objective publishing an interim report was to put the platform for Digital Britain, elucidate various issues, and put forth useful ideas for solutions, and as the report sparked debates all around, this online forum would encourage the involvement of public to share their views on it.

Meanwhile, in his response to criticisms over low broadband speeds in the report, Lord Carter stated that those who think offering broadband speeds of 2Mbps is “ludicrously low ambition” actually miss out on a crucial point that the government has to look after the regions that are not covered by traditional markets, so as to ensure complete switchover of UK into a digital nation.

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Our Comments

Digital Britain Forum's Debut is a sign that the government is trying to move things. Whether ultimately, it will end up as a virtual white elephant and another quango remains to be seen. The site has only be launched a few days ago now and to be fair, there's nothing much on there. It simply ressembles a blog for now.

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