BFG GeForce GTS 250 OC 1GB Review

When you are finally ready to step up to a newer video card or make the selection for your new PC build, the quandary we all face is which one do I get?

The numbering schemes should spell it out for you but for some reason the higher numbers are not always the better products. nVidia's video card naming structure can be somewhat confusing for Joe Six Pack down at the local big box store.

This is by no means an nVidia exclusive problem. Is that 9400GT better than the 8800GT? Not really when it comes to gaming performance!

Understanding the generations and the performance levels inherent to each series of cards is a must to know what you are getting in the current world of video card naming.

Making a purchase just because the number is higher does not provide the full picture. nVidia has been listening to customer feedback on this problem and has begun renaming its cards to create a more streamlined video card hierarchy.

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