Steve Jobs' Health Remains Investors' Main Focus

In a meeting with investors, Apple directors have asserted that Steve Jobs who currently is on a six-month leave owing to health reasons, is expected to reassume his role in June as decided.

The company’s board member Arthur Levinson ascertained that Jobs was on schedule to return to the company but avowed that the company would inform the shareholders in case of any change in the plans.

Jobs still takes part in day-to-day decision making of the company, Levinson told the shareholders, and said that “Nothing has changed”, as far as involvement of Jobs in strategy making is concerned.

Keeping his lips tight over the issue, Levinson went on to say, “If there is any more information that the board deems necessary to disclose, we will disclose it”.

In a one hour meeting at the company’s Cupertino based headquarter Jobs’ health was the prime concern for the investors, with the shareholders tried a lot to unfold the mystery surrounding Jobs health and his return to the company.

However, the company also didn’t respond satisfactorily over the questions about the stories that the US Securities and Exchange Commission was evaluating the company’s behaviour in revealing Jobs’ health issues.

Besides, according to, the Apple’s board does have an alternative succession plan in place in case the worst happens, but it will keep the plan confidential.

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Our Comments

The meeting was a bit thin on details but who could blame them. Ironically, no news could be seen as great news in itself. Apple stocks did not suffer any jitters since the announcement and managed to get roughly 1.3 percent over the last 24 hours. It is also a good news that Apple has a definite plan to get a replacement for Jobs.

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