UK Households Will Have 32Mbps Broadband By 2019

90 Percent of UK Households could be have accessed to 32mbps broadband lines, up to 16 times faster than current entry level speeds, by 2019 according to broadband analyst firm, Point Topic.

The figures are based on the fact that the minimum broadband speed, which currently stands at 2mbps, will be doubling every 2 years; an assumption that derives directly from Moore's law that predicts that the number of transistors doubles approximately every two years.

Tim Johnson, chief analyst at Point Topic, told in a statement that "Some people say this is too little too late, but we believe that investing to deliver 2Mb/sec could provide the platform for much higher-speed broadband services in areas where it wouldn't otherwise happen for many years,"

Mr Johnson was referring to the Universal Service Commitment for broadband proposed by Lord Carter in the Digital Britain report and praising it for including remote areas which might be otherwise left out.

Point Topic's report also highlight the disparity between various regions of the United Kingdom when it came to internet speed.

In London, for example, 93 percent of the population can expect to get speeds of 8mbps or more thanks to densely populated regions which make rolling out high speed networks easier.

By contrast, only around 38 percent of people living in Northern Ireland and Wales can expect to reach these speeds.

Johnson posits that if the government goes ahead with their investment plans, it could mean the installation of more than 1 million fibre lines in the UK by 2012.

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Our Comments

32mbps in a decade? We're certainly expecting much much better. Vodafone ran out tests in Spain in January and reached 21mbps using HSPA+ and MIMO without any wires. We will therefore be disappointed if they don't reach 50mbps by 2019 using technology that should be significantly better, faster, cheaper and less power hungry.

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