£17.88 The IT Crowd: Series 1-3 Box Set - Limited Internet in a Box Edition

From the creators of FATHER TED and THE OFFICE comes THE IT CROWD, the popular British sitcom that’s taking the country by storm.

Relegated to a dingy basement, Moss, Jen and Roy are their company’s last line of technological defence; they are the IT crowd.

Features all the episodes from the show's first, second and third series. You can preorder it now and it has a running time of 420 minutes on 3 DVDs.

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Antonio Moncayo from Amazon commended the series saying that "In the world of comedy you do not have to be vulgar an offensive to make people laugh , in stead you can you use your imagination and create 3 very real characters and put them together in the basement of a corporation to run the IT support unit , the only tinny flaw is that they do not know anything about computers or life for that matter. The result? The most original and funny comedy in Britain in many years, personally since Spaced. Others compare it to Father Ted or Black books but I feel this is better than the 2. "