Asus Set To Launch HDMI-Enabled EEE Box B206

Asus has updated its EEE Box, bringing some high end features to a tiny computer that costs around £310 when it is available in the UK. You can get it for much less.

The updated version, the B206, will come with an Atom CPU, a single core N270 CPU running at 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk drive and Windows XP Home SP3, in a black or white chassis.

The B206 is the top range of the EEE Box family which comprises the B201, B202, B203 and B204. It is HD compatible thanks to the presence of an ATI Radeon HD 3450 series with 256 MB DDR2 memory.

Other features include a HDMI adaptor, a remote control and a EEE Cinema software application which means that the 206 will be ideal as a Home Theater PC next to your gorgeous 50-inch Plasma screen. You can also mount it behind your television thanks to a special mounting kit.

As with the rest of the family, it is barely audible in operation with only 26dB. It also comes with a card reader. Surprisingly and according to Asus, the B204 is slightly better with a built-in battery and Bluetooth.

Add in 802.11n WiFi and 10GB worth of online storage and you have a rather complete package. Asus reckons that the desktop will be able to save your 29p per day, 90 percent less than compared to traditional computers thanks to a 20w power consumption.

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Our Comments

Should you buy it it? No, the B204 in my opinion is cheaper and better as I explained in the article. Other manufacturers like Microstar, Acer or Dell have yet to come out with a better value-for-money product. Then there's Apple new updated Mac Mini which, even if it is more expensive, could make life for the B206 even more difficult.

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