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Microsoft Kicks Woman From Xbox Live For Being Lesbian

In what is a baffling move, Microsoft has banned a woman from its XBox Live, after she noted herself as lesbian in her profile with the Xbox Live community, according to the reports from the Consumerist.

The woman, identified only as Teresa, complained about the suspension of her account and all the harassment she faced as she mentioned herself as a lesbian in her profile with Microsoft Xbox Live.

The woman notified that she was harassed by other players of the community, and she kept on moving across various maps and games in order to avoid all the harassment and the gamers kept on following her and even informed other gamers to report to the Microsoft as they didn’t wish to see “that crap or their kids to see that crap”.

However, the company upheld the move by saying that it is already mentioned in the terms of use of the Xbox Live that no gamer is allowed to use the text or comments that anyhow indicates the sexual orientation of the gamer.

Furthermore, the company asserted that the profiles that do have tags on sexual orientation are directed to make the desired changes in the language, and stay suspended until they do so.

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Our Comments

This whole story has yet to unravel. Banning someone for his or her sexual orientation is highly offensive. Rather than backtracking on the exclusion, Microsoft persevered saying that she should not have indicated her sexual orientation online. How someone's sexual orientation can play a role in gaming is puzzling.

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