Overheating Problems Halt Sales Of Blackberry Bold

NTT Docomo has announced that it is suspending the sales of RIM's Blackberry bold in Japan after claims of overheating handsets were reported.

The news dealt a severe blow to RIM's ambitious plans to crack the Japanese market and came only one week after then handset was released in Japan. NTT DoCoMo said that 4000 Blackberry Bold devices had been sold and less than 1 percent of the users have had issues with their phones.

The issue arose when the phone is charged. A warmer-than-acceptable battery causes the phone's keyboard to become abnormally hot. The company has already dismissed the battery as the source of the problem.

No other countries have been reporting about hotter-than-usual Blackberry bold although network operator Orange suspended sales in France over separate issues.

RIM said in a press release that "This issue appears to be specifically limited to the BlackBerry Bold devices sold in Japan since last week and sales of BlackBerry Bold devices in other countries are unaffected by this matter".

It is not the first time in the past few months, that RIM's smartphones have been found to have issues. (In)Famously, the Storm, heralded as RIM's answer to the iPhone, was lambasted by Stephen Fry, one of the most popular Twitterers around and a self confessed technogeek.

The smartphone, which the New York Times called the Blackberry Dud, had problems with connectivity, the lack of keyboard and issues with the screen orientation.

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The Canadian company has been having a great star for 2009. Research firm IDC reported that RIM still has the upper hand in the booming smartphone market as it increased its US market share from 40.4 percent to 47.5 percent (from Q3 to Q4). A separate research found out that surprisingly Apple dropped nearly 8 percent points in the overall market share.

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