Tony Buzan Part 3 - The New World Order and the Rise of Intellectual Capital

In part 3 of his interview with Tony Buzan, Ben Chai editor of Learning Technologies magazine discusses Buzan’s perspective of the 2009 Crisis Culture, the importance of learning how to learn and the role that learning technologies will play over the next 5-10 years.

From Wikipedia: Buzan was born in London, and received double honors in psychology, English, mathematics and the General Sciences from the University of British Columbia in 1964. He is probably best known for his book, Use Your Head, his promotion of mnemonic systems and his Mind Mapping techniques. His website, Buzan World, cites trademarks on the phrase 'Mind Maps' which he has registered in many countries. Following his 1970s series for the BBC, many of his ideas have been set into his series of five books: Use Your Memory, Master Your Memory, Use Your Head, The Speed Reading Book and The Mind Map Book. He has since authored or co-authored over 100 books.

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