Always Innovating's Touch Book : Best Netbook Ever?

Always Innovating has announced the release of a ground breaking, jaw dropping new Netbook, called the Touch Book, with a number of surprising characteristics that, if founded, will make it a sure hit.

Although it has already been unveiled at DEMO 09, it has yet to be formally presented to the press. Its creator, Gregoire Gentil, who is also the founder of Always Innovating, presents it as a multifunctional device, capable of being used as a Netbook, a video player, a handheld gaming device or even a digital frame.

Specs wise, it comes with a 600MHz ARM CPU manufactured by Texas instruments - rather than the relatively more powerful and less frugal Intel Atom. But it is powerful enough to run HD content at 720p.

It has internal USB plugs rather than external ones and promises a battery life of 15 hours - thanks to 2 batteries - with a 3D touchscreen interface and a detachable battery.

At under 1Kg, this is indeed a promising product. But there's more to it. its 8.9-inch screen is touch sensitive - capable of displaying 1024x600 pixels - and can be used as a stand alone tablet by detaching the keyboard. It comes with 8GB memory (thanks to a microSD card) 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth and even a 3D Accelerometer, a la iPhone.

The system currently runs Linux but it could, according to its creator, run Android or Windows Mobile. The Touch Book is expected to be released in May at the cost of $300 for the tablet or $400 for the tablet and the keyboard which is well worth it.

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Our Comments

We think it is a hit because it is like no other Netbook on the market. If they can deliver, then good luck to them. Always Innovating has a great product but that's not enough to guarantee success. As important, if not more, is the ability to deliver both in terms of demand and aftersales support. But for now, it is the most impressive netbook.

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