Apple To Announce New iMacs, Mac Pros and Minis On The 24th Of March?

Apple could surprise everyone by releasing up to six new desktop products on the 24th of March which falls on a Tuesday and could see the Cupertino-based company launch a much-expected upgraded Mac Mini.

Two blogs, notably World of Apple and My Apple Guide, have succinctly reported that various sources have corroborated the claims and point to an Apple Media even which will take place on the same date.

Apple's forthcoming Snow Leopard OS could make a surprise appearance as well. We expect an Apple Mac Mini with 5 USB ports (as per our article) as well as iMacs with new Nvidia chipsets and Intel processors. New Mac Pros with brand new Intel Xeon "Nehalem" Chips could also be on the table.

The last Mac Mini was introduced in August 2007 and is well due a complete refresh, especially since Apple could want to position it as a media server. Apple Insider also underlines the fact that inventory of current-generation iMacs and Mac Minis has been dwindling very fast across the pond.

A source from an electronic retailer told them to expect up to 6 new Apple SKU (Stock Keeping Units). A quick peep at Comet, Dixons, PC World and Currys showed there were ample stock of Mac Minis.

Presently Apple computers are woefully expensive compared to their PC counterparts with Windows-based PC manufacturers having to cut prices fast during the worst recession for decades.

Apple's shares price were up this morning flirting with the $90 barrier.

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Another news nugget that popped up in the last few hours; an update to Mac OS X, 10.5.7, will support Intel's Nehalem as well as AMD's Radeon HD4000 series which will bring Apple's Mac back in the race as far as performance is concerned. The new video cards are also set to support OpenGL 2.1, Core Image and Quartz Extreme acceleration.

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