Facebook Targeted By Yet Another Malware

Facebook has been hit by a malware attack for the second time in one week, after it was noted that a rogue application has been sending notifications containing malicious links to the members of the social networking website.

However, in this new wave of spamming attack the hackers took advantage of the controversy surrounding the planned new terms and conditions for the website.

In the second attack, Facebook users received notices that they had allegedly being reported for infringing the website’s terms and conditions by a friend added in their contact lists, and instructed users to click on to a provided link which directed to an application named ‘F a c e b o o k - closing down!!!’, which after installation posted spam messages to the members added in the victim’s contact list.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at the Sophos blogs, notified that the users who clicked on to the malicious links were inadvertently provided the hackers access to their profile and personal data, as well as unintentionally forwarding spam messages to other members.

However, Facebook responded to the issue by saying, “Our team disabled this application for violating the Facebook Developer Terms of Service. Some additional versions of it have sprung up, and we’ve disabled these as well”

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The social networking website is growing at breakneck speed reaching more than 175 million active users. This has attracted a number of online criminal gangs looking to exploit this unbelievably diverse audience. It is therefore not a surprise that the number of security alerts related to Facebook has been growing exponentially over the last few months with rogue apps exploiting social engineering leading the pack.

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