Ofcom Set To Approve BT's Next Generation Broadband Plans

Web users in UK could soon have access to the broadband speeds 20 times faster than the existing average services, as the UK telecom watchdog Ofcom seems all set to give approval to BT’s ambitious plans to roll-out faster fibre optic broadband networks to as many as ten million homes across the country.

The telecom giant indicated its intentions for pooling a whopping £1.5 billion in a new super-fast broadband networks throughout millions of households in UK within next three years.

The proposed project has been subjected to negotiations and debates over the past few months, as the regulator attempts to devise new strategies and rules that will impact the manner in which BT would deliver and operate these new faster broadband services.

Employing a combination of Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premise fibre optics, the new broadband services would enable web users to access the internet with impressive broadband speeds of 100Mbps.

However, BT has been disinclined to proceed until getting assurances that the company would be able to get back some of its investments, primarily in the wake of current economic environments, and after weeks of negotiations, Ofcom finally allowed the network operator to make return on its investments.

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Our Comments

BT desperately needs this next generation network infrastructure as soon as possible to compete not only with cable operator Virgin media but also (and shall I dare say, more importantly) to increase the gap between ADSL and wireless broadband. Average speeds offered by the best wireless broadband providers easily match the download speeds of the worst landline ADSL players out there, and costs less.

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