AVG Releases Major Update To Security Application

In a bid to offer web users enhanced security against malicious programs, the security firm AVG on Monday has unleashed a new behaviour-based anti-malware protection technology.

The new technology, codenamed as “AVG Internet Security 8.5”, adds behaviour-based security feature to its erstwhile pattern-based detection, and the technology is said to be come from the company’s recent acquisition of Sana Security.

However, the technology from Sana will also be available as a standalone security product, tagged as “AVG Identity Protection”, which will cost around £19.99, and has the capability to work with other vendors’ security applications.

Though behaviour based detection was already available with the AVG’s security applications suite, but the level of detection of the technology wasn’t as good as it is with the new AVG Internet Security 8.5 suite.

While the traditional signature-based security technologies aren’t good enough to deal with the current security threats, said AVG’s CTO Karel Obluk, it’s really crucial for the users to have ‘additional protective layer against the unknown threats’.

The company stated that the new software is tailored to provide enhanced security against identity-related attacks by analysing the characteristics and behaviour of any malicious program and employing the knowledge acquired to create protection shield that doesn’t need “signature updates” at all.

“The software is continuously learning and improving its protection, based on information drawn from real threats encountered by real users”, the company said.

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Our Comments

The new software release by AVG is a welcomed one and as The Register points out, is a welcomed, albeit late introduction to behaviour-based defences rather than only relying to signature-based ones. Another new addition that will be quite useful will be Active Safe-surf which will allow users to eliminate the risks associated with drive-by downloads.

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