Blu-Ray Adoption Stumbles As DVDs and Downloads Grow

The High Definition Battle might have ended back in 2008 when Blu-ray defeated HD-DVD after a long and costly battle but it seems that the former might not have reaped the promised rewards.

According to data compiled by price comparison website Reevoo, sales of DVD players outstripped Blu-ray by an astonishing factor of 10, buoyed by much cheaper prices, wider availability and a worse-then expected recession.

To make things even more depressing, motion picture analyst, Global Media Intelligence, show that combined DVD and Blu-ray discs sales are falling fast as consumers prefer to rent rather than own, at least in the US.

The relatively high price of Blu-Ray compared to standard DVD, the relative appeal of renting compared to buying and an increasing number of "nights in" rather than out might explain why renting is so "en-vogue".

As for DVD technology, it has been maturing and new features like Hybrid storage, SD Card readers and Upscaling made them appealing to the masses combined with a low price.

This corroborates Reevoo's other finding; that users are shunning physical media and migrating to downloads or over the air recording instead.

Even if Blu-Ray players are now available for less than £100, they have to face a hell lot of competition: Download services like Netflix, Amazon, VIrgin's OD or iTunes or even the XBox 360 could gradually make Blu-Ray obsolete.

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Our Comments

Blu-Ray will not die tomorrow although Sony has already said that Blu-Ray will start to fade by 2013. Much of it is going to depend on how the Internet Service Providers are going to react to the exponential growth of bandwidth needed to feed the millions of computers and networked devices which will be downloading HD content.

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