Motorola Shrinks A Little More And Old Rivals Get Along

Motorola continues to shrink from the mobile business with the recent loss of their push email subsidiary, formally Good Technology, to its historic rival, Visto.

Whilst Motrola’s purchase of Good a couple of years ago never really appeared to be a good match, it does illustrate how Motorola is heading in the opposite direction from its competitors.

They are falling over themselves to provide value added services to build a degree of brand loyalty. Nokia has Ovi, Apple iTunes and even Microsoft is getting into the game.

Motorola has Kodak of course, two great brands fizzling out together. How exactly will the anticipated synergies between Visto and Good pan out or will Good just fade away.

Really it doesn’t matter too much as Microsoft, RIM and Google are dominating the mobile email space, Nokia is not too far behind either. It’ll be fascinating to see how, over the next two years, Visto copes against these industry heavy weights.