Nintendo : DSi NOT Competing With Apple's iPod

Nintendo has dismissed claims that its latest DSi portable gaming console is all set to take on Apple's iPod and even mobile phones.

The new console is a vast improvement over the previous Nintendo DS but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata denies that the company has any intention of directly competing with existing products.

The DSi comes with two VGA cameras and an integrated music player which some have considered to be a sign that Nintendo might be wary of Apple's growing interest in mobile gaming.

Hackers have managed to get Nintendo DS users to communicate with others via Voice Over IP but it seems that the Nintendo DSi won't be taking on Apple for now.

It also comes with a pair of touchscreens LCD, a SD card reader and WiFi Capability, all for a rather affordable price.

And to drive the message home, David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK told the Times argued that "[Nintendo] could have added lots of things, but then you become a jack of all trades, and a master of none. One of the things we are really honest about is that we stay faithful to our roots, of being a games company."

But what if competitors start to invade your turf and snatch your customers? And Apple is very well placed to know what it takes to topple other giants: Microsoft and Sony know something or two about it.

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Our Comments

Nintendo knows all too well that complacency in the world of entertainment can be lethal. The Japanese company also understands, like everybody else, that mobile gaming could one day become bigger than lounge gaming. Sure the DSi is not competing now.. But expect things to change very rapidly if Apple ups the ante.

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