Nokia Could Make Comes With Music DRM-Free

Nokia's eat-as-much-as-you-want online music service could go DRM-free some time this year according to one of the company's executives, Adam Mirabella.

The director of Nokia's Global Digital Music Retail division revealed to Channel News Asia that the company has been in talks with a number of music studios and partners to get rid of DRM, in a move similar to what Apple's iTunes introduced at the beginning of the year.

Others like Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster are already selling DRM-free music tracks no their websites, so Nokia's DRM'ed CMW is the exception rather than the norm.

Nokia's DRM solution has less constraints as it allows you to play all the songs you downloaded even after your one year subscription expires although you are limited to one PC and one Phone.

Comes With Music has already debuted in UK, Singapore with Australia next on the list and removing DRM would mean that tracks could possibly be exchanged via Bluetooth from each other's handsets. Musically reckons that a simple lock on Bluetooth forwarding might solve this issue.

Nokia could well be using the argument that the global digital music business has been growing by 25 percent in 2008 to reach a whopping $3.7 billion, accounting for a fifth of recorded music sales.

Plus apart from Apple (and possibly Microsoft), Nokia is the only one in the tech industry that can offer a matching hardware and software platform for music users.

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Our Comments

Nokia has dropped the price of its Nokia 5310 Comes with Music on a PAYG basis. It is actually costs a mere £92.18 - that's less than £8 per month - and comes with unlimited access to over 3 million tracks with over thousands of albums added to the CMW site every month. Nokia is set to face some real competition from the likes of Vodafone which has launched its own music portal.

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