Schwarzenegger to CeBIT Show : Don't Let Recession Terminate You

Leaders participating in the CeBIT show, the world’s biggest IT trade expo, which opened on Tuesday in Hanover, Germany, echoed that investment is the only option for countering the ongoing economic downturn.

This year CeBIT show included somewhere around 4,300 companies from 69 countries across the globe, which is far less than that of 5,845 firms participated last year in the show, and this time the show managed to attract 200 new exhibitors in spite of tough economic situations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of the state of California and guest of honour for the show, cheered up his recession knocked audience by saying, “We are gathering in challenging times. Some may say this is the wrong time for a big trade show like this but they are wrong”.

He further went on to say that winners move ahead in spite of any situation and those who participated in this year’s CeBIT show are true ‘winners’.

Leaders at the show called for some big investments in innovation and knowledge skills, and asserted that they would welcome hefty stimulus packages to boost up adoption of high-end technologies, such as internet, laptops, and educational software, at school level.

In addition, German Chancellor Angela Merkel quoted that investment in CeBit show is the ‘right investment’, and urged business leaders to seize the opportunities presented by the current economic crisis.

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Our Comments

CeBIT acts like the pulse of the tech industry and as one can guess, things have not been rosy lately. But the recession could prove to be the necessary ingredient to push technology to another level. Obama and Brown have both promised to nurture and push forward technology high in their respective agendas thanks to a stimulus package.

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