Apple's Mac Mini Gets A Deserved Upgrade But At A Cost

Apple has finally upgraded its cheapest entry level computer, the Mac Mini, which can be had for £499 for the basic model and £649 for the more elaborate one.

The new Mac Mini comes with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, a slot in double layer Superdrive and Nvidia's Geforce 9400M graphics subsystem (which now means that Apple's complete computer line is using Nvidia graphics).

The £499 model has 1GB RAM and a 120GB hard disk drive while the £649 one has 2GB memory and a 320GB hard disk drive. In effect, you're paying £150 for 1GB RAM and an additional 200GB hard disk space.

The Nvidia graphics subsystem is five times faster than the previous graphics solutions that was used (Intel's own). It uses 45 percent less power than the previous Mac Mini, down to 13w when idle.

According to Apple, this is the "most energy-efficient desktop computer in the world", a feat achievable due to the use of laptop components throughout.

The Mac mini comes with Airport Extreme (that's 802.11n for the rest of us), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, a Firewire Port, Mini DisplayPort and DVI video out (you can 2 monitors to them), Optical IO, Firewire 800, Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and iLife '09. There's no monitor, keyboard or mouse though.

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Our Comments

The Mac Mini is stylish and gorgeous. But it is desperately underpowered compared to what's available elsewhere. For roughly the same amount of money, you can get an Aspire Quad Core PC with 4GB RAM, 1.2TB hard disk drive, Blu-Ray, a Geforce 9500GS, Windows Vista and Microsoft Office for £525 only. Tough choice if yo ask me. Apple MUST me making a 40 percent margin (at least) on those Mac Mini's.

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