Skype Brings Spinvox's Voice-to-Text Services To Millions

In a bid to spruce up its offerings in voice messaging domains, the VoIP service provider Skype has announced on Tuesday that it will be collaborating with SpinVox to offer its users with a new voicemail-to-text conversion feature.

The new service converts any voice message of user’s choice into text format, along with providing its users the flexibility to opt to receive notifications of a voicemail through a free e-mail or a text message.

However, such conversion comes with some notable price tag, as it charges the user around 25 cents per message, and the cost don’t even include standard Skype text message charges, and this could prove to be an expensive affair as a voice message could be spread out over to the length of as many as three text messages.

In addition, users would need to pay the charge of the conversion even if the conversion of the message gets failed or the message gets distorted.

Mike Barlett, Skype’s director of product strategy, asserted that people want to take their Skype conversations along with them, while users are spending more and more time on the go and on mobile devices.

Quoting the use of SpinVox’s technology in achieving the aforementioned objective, Barlett said in a statement, “Spinvox is a great option for our users to save time on checking their Skype voicemail and receive messages immediately sent to their mobile phone”.

The technology from SpinVox converts voice messages into four different languages including English, French, German, and Spanish, and support for Italian and Portuguese seems to be there on the cards.

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Our Comments

SpinVox's service is quite useful although a bit expensive. However, chances are that Spinvox may bundle advertising with it to keep prices low/free. The tie-up with Skype is a great way to tap in into the 450 million or so users that Skype has. Even if a tiny fraction of the lot adopts SpinVox in the long run, that could mean millions of added revenues.

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