Acer Reveals £44 Windows 6.5 Smartphone Project At CeBIT

Acer has unveiled a number of smartphones amongst which is a £44 (Eur 49) model which is set to run on, wait for it, Windows Mobile 6.5.

Presented by Aymar de Lencquesaing, Acer's smartphone boss, the top of the range model is the F1 that comes with a 5 megapixel camera, a large touchscreen LCD with a "widget user" interface.

The L1, a mainstream model, will deliver a GPS receiver, a sliding alphanumeric keypad and a relatively large touchscreen that will come handy when used with the onscreen QWERTY keyboard.

The E1 and C1 will be pitched as the entry level smartphones and should be sold for around £44 after network subsidies. It is likely that these prices will be for Pay as you Go models sold directly to the operators.

Both models will also be web-enabled and come with a Joypad-like input feature beneath the touchscreen.

Acer had also announced the F900, the M900, the X960 and the DX900 back in February 2009 with the quartet running on Windows Mobile 6.1.

The F900 smartphone impressed us the most with a 3.8-inch screen that can display a superb 800x480 pixels, the same as the resolution found on early Asus EEE netbooks.

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Our Comments

If Acer can replicate the success of its notebook division, then the mobile phone market is bound to undergo some significant change. £44 for a Windows 6.5 smartphone is not that much and if it can pack features similar to say, the LG Cookie at a substantially discounted price, then we're in for a proper fight.

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