EVGA GTS-250 1 GB Superclocked Edition

Nvidia recently unveiled its new GTX-2xx lineup of enthusiast GPU's which are an Enthusiast class GPU. They were met with great enthusiasm and performed better than any previous generation of GPU's we've seen from Nvidia.

Since then we've seen the 65nm cores shrink to 55nm and voltage consumption went down with that shrink. We've been wondering about Nvidia's Performance class GPU lineup in the GTX series and we met with Nvidia recently to go over the performance class lineup.

To that end we have an EVGA GTS-250 1 GB Superclocked edition to take a look at today. The GTS-250 1 GB edition is a G92 core with a twist, it's a 55nm shrink of the G92 core and has been rechristened the G92b.

There are currently two models of the GTS-250 available, the GTS-250 512 MB which is nothing more than a 9800GTX+ rebranded and the GTS-250 1 GB which has a faster memory speed and a total of 1 GB of memory.

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