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Facebook Targets Twitter With Subtle HomePage Redesign

Facebook is all set to rock the blogosphere by bringing a string of modifications in homepages of its 175 million users that will make the platform more suitable for blogging purposes.

The series of new modifications, which is said to be in line with Facebook’s efforts to take on the blogging services from Twitter, include some handy restructuring in profile pages, activity streams, and home pages of its users.

While speaking at the occasion of the launch of the new homepage, chief exec for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, notified that the new homepage would enable members to stay updated about the happenings around them, along with the capability to control the content on the platform, something for which the members had been urging for.

“As more and more information flows through Facebook, the need for people to easily discover the most recent and relevant content has grown”, Zuckerberg said in a statement.

The new homepage, which is set to be available to the users from March 11, will include a status update window now, which asks users “What's on your mind”, and where members can upload videos and images, post comments, links to blogs and stories, and much more.

The homepage further include an impressive feature termed as “filters”, which allows users to block other users, and view only a particular type of content.

In addition, the “pages” feature of the new homepage allows the companies and brands to have presence on the website, in a manner similar to the other members of the platform do.

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Our Comments

A quick roundup in the office brought up mixed feelings regarding the changes. Facebook is arguably going for plan B after failing to acquire the micro blogging service with $500 million worth of Facebook Shares (back in 2008). We believe that Twitter should have taken the money and run. Instead, they took a calculated bet that could soon turn sour.

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