Gaming Good For Children Says Microsoft Survey

A survey commissioned by game and software giant Microsoft has come to the conclusion that game is "broadly beneficial" to children.

The research, which forms part of the XBox maker's annual "Play Smart, Play smart" study, found that 3 out of 5 parents in the UK believe that games are a "great social experience" whether you play with others in your lounge or online.

More than half say games bring families together (ed: no wonder many Nintendo Wii games adverts involve families) and 80 percent consider gaming as a "vital component in a balanced blend of modern and traditional entertainment", a more elaborate take on the expression "Cool".

Worryingly enough nearly two thirds of the 2500 parents surveyed say that they allow their sons or daughters to play video games destined for a higher age bracket, the equivalent of giving alcohol or cigarette to a minor.

The laissez-faire approach of most modern parents is further highlighted by the fact that nearly 70 percent of children questioned - that's 7 out of ten - said that they want their parents to be MORE involved in vouching the games they are going to play when it comes to age certification.

No wonder then that consulting a friend to get advices on the suitability of a game is what nearly three quarters of the children probed would do in the first place. Altogether, Microsoft, which obviously have some vested interest, said that society attitudes towards video gaming was evolving.

The company also cited a recent report by the European Parliament’s Internal Market Committee which cited that video games have a "broadly beneficial effect on the mental development of children".

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Our Comments

To some extent, this survey ain't surprising. After all, Microsoft is the one who commissioned the survey. Then there's the fact that mainstream video gaming is nearly three decades now and has crossed the stage of being a cultural phenomenon a long time ago. It is now enshrined in the DNA of modern society.

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