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Could Microsoft Partner With Netflix Over VoD In UK?

Just around a week after Microsoft announced a deal with NBC Universal, the software giant failed to provide with a definite confirmation about a possible agreement with Netflix to bring in some more content to its Xbox Live for UK users.

The duo has already been in partnership in over across the pond and in an interview with the Xbox’s head of UK, Neil Thompson struck a positive note on the possibility of the UK launch of the on-demand movies on Xbox Live services.

Speaking on the prospects of the UK debut of the service, Thompson answered a question on whether UK might see a Netflix-style deal in Europe by the end of this year by stating "I don't know yet where we're going to take the services we've got, We're concentrating on delivering the services we've got and bolstering the content we've got."

He further went on to say that the services being offered by Xbox Live are broad ranging and deep, and mentioned the need to evolve the service in distinct territories at different pace, depending upon what can be achieved from any specific territory.

While Xbox Live users in UK can have access to around 300 movies, the US is way ahead in terms of the movie count with more than 12,000 movies available with the Live service.

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Our Comments

Blockbuster and Lovefilm could be in for a huge surprise if Netflix and Microsoft manage to get things together. Netflix is big across the pond but has yet to make an impression on the UK market and yet, broadband speeds in Blighty are faster and more widespread. Let's just hope that the pricing, if the service goes ahead, is comparable to the likes of Lovefilm.

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