O2 Unveils Joggler Electronic Post-It Device

Telefonica-owned O2 has released a brand new electronic device called the Joggler, which some have described as the modern day equivalent of a post-it or a notice board for your family or for a small business.

Joggler has to be used in conjunction with O2's calendar; it will allow you to add events and will automatically send SMSes to those concerned.

Physically, it is a 7-inch touchscreen tablet that doubles as a photo frame and is capable of displaying 800x480 pixels.

The Joggler will also be able to receive news, weather and travel reports through the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection which will be used to transmit data

It is actually a rebadged OpenPeak OpenFrame 7-inch MID (Mobile Internet Device) touchscreen. It has a 1GB internal memory (but no signs of a SD card slot) which can store photo, music and video.

O2 promised that Internet Radio and the ability to send text messages straight from Joggler will be added in the future, possibly through a software or firmware update.

The device will debut in April 2009 and will be free for O2 customers who choose to take it instead of a mobile phone upgrade. Otherwise, they will have to fork out a one-off £150 charge, which includes a 50-text monthly bundle .

Interestingly, Joggler can receive unlimited texts and can even stream content from another PC on the same network which opens a number of great avenues.

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Our Comments

O2's online family calendar is free but will only come in April 2009. It would be great if the Joggler could interface with other calendars including iCal and Google Calendar. The latter can actually send text alerts as well. As for the Joggler itself, we are quite impressed.

A 7-inch touchscreen LCD Frame would possibly cost slightly less than that. Additionally, buying one could in theory give you access to O2's discounted broadband package.

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