PIC : Apple's Concept Mac PC Keyboard

Hot on the heels of Asus's EEE PC Keyboard, we asked our resident designer, Hannah, to give us a sneak peek, a model of what a similar product designed by Apple might look like.

It lacks some subtleties (like relabelled keys) but you will get the gist. So here's our (simplified) version of the Apple MAC PC Keyboard.

Like the EEE PC Keyboard, it comes both in wired and wireless version. The MAC PC keyboard would actually be a modified version of Apple's existing wired keyboard.

It will therefore have an "elegant anodised aluminium enclosure" but rather than stick to a hollow base, it would have a base instead.

We have chosen to replace the numeric keypad with a docking station for Apple's iPhone. Not only would it allow the phone to be charged, but it would also connect to it wireless, turning into a 3.5-inch multi-touch touchpad.

As for the specs, Apple would likely need to adopt Intel's Atom processor or Nvidia's newly announced x86 platform. Add in 1GB RAM, a 32GB SSD hard disk drive, Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard, a 3-hour battery and you have a proto-laptop.

Expect to see 802.11n WiFi, a few USB ports, inbuilt speakers, Bluetooth compatibility and a price of around £500. The wireless version will be accompanied by an optional wireless HDMI receiver for screens without.