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The Training Zone – A Free Repository for Training Materials

Ben Chai editor of Learning Technologies magazine (opens in new tab) chats with Training Zone Features Editor, Susie Finch and Training Zone Managing Editor, Steve Roth to gain some insights into the website. The site is essentially a repository containing free training resources aimed at the learning community. Whether you are a beginner or an expert there are tips and documents to take you to the next level in your career as an eduationalist or even running a training department. This site is aimed to promote community and much of the material has been created by the 50,000 plus members who are working in the field of training and education.

Examples of the resources include; expert guides for trainers, leadership articles for aspiring leaders and those running training departments, community features such as forums, jobs, suppliers, consultants and much more.

An example of one of their free expert guides in on how to avoid presentation and training disasters when using technology. According to Training Zone website, this Expert Guide is written by TrainingZONE staff to provides an easy-to-use guide and checklist to some common-sense actions you can take to prevent problems and foul-ups when using technology as part of your training or presentation.

You can download this podcast by right clicking on this link and saving the appropriate file on your computer