Google Android Sales To Overtake iPhone In 2012

A report published by research company Informa Telecoms and Media, Google's Android platform might potentially surpass Apple's iPhone when it comes to sales figures, as early as 2012.

Android has yet to catch up the imagination of smartphone manufacturers. In addition, HTC and Acer amongst others have already signified their intention to bring on Windows Mobile in the foray.

On top of that RIM's Blackberry OS and Palm's own WebOS could make things even more more interesting, especially if at some point, they decide either to diversify their platforms or license their technologies to third parties.

Until now though, the Android platform has yet to deliver on promises made in the past few months. Only HTC has released handsets - the Dream and the Magic - and although others like Samsung and Sony Ericsson are working on Android handsets, the economic conditions could slow down the migration to Android.

Intomobile has an interesting take on Informa's research saying that Android might actually be a bigger threat to Nokia's Symbian platform as Android is opened (ed: some might say that Symbian is more transparent than Android) and it is easier to develop for Android than for Symbian.

According to Informa, in 2008, more smartphones than laptops were sold for the first time; nearly 162 million handsets were sold in what has been a record year and with a growth rate of more than 100 percent over the next three years, there's still room for growth.

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Our Comments

Acer announced a few days ago that it will be selling a 49 Euros Windows Smartphone. Going Android could have shaved a couple of dollars off. It is likely that at some point in time, Google will start PAYING smartphone manufacturers to carry its platform because it knows that it will derive additional revenues from the users. This is the opposite of Apple's iPhone strategy and it is likely that Apple in due time, will back down from its stance.

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