The Queen Adopts Micro-blogging, Starts Twittering

After using e-mail services to keep in touch with her grandchildren and sending Christmas messages via YouTube, Her Majesty the Queen has further taken a bold step towards keeping in line with the technology by becoming the first member from royal family to use the micro-blogging platform Twitter, according to sources.

Reports claimed that the Queen’s Observance of Commonwealth, which is scheduled to be held this Monday in Westminster Abbey, will feature live on the blogging site Twitter, and the officials will send “tweets” about the progress of this annual grand event.

A spokeswoman for the Westminster Abbey notified that they created their Twitter profile almost four week back, and would show various other events ‘live’ on the site if the trial turned out to be successful.

“The impetus behind the idea was we thought it would be a really good way to reach out to a new audience. It’s just another tool in terms of getting people interested in the Commonwealth Observance”, the spokeswoman said in a statement.

Monday morning rehearsals for the occasion will also be available on the blogging platform, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In addition, the website will also feature performances by a steel band from Trinidad and Tobago, South African tenor Njabulo Madlala, and a dance group from Kiribati.

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Our Comments

So the fact that the Queen has been caught up with Twitter is not a surprise. However, there are no details as to where she will be twittering (ed: she won't actually be twittering, someone else will do the job). The @thequeen twitter feed appears to be a fake one. So better wait till this Monday to get the exact URL.

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