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Internet Explorer Browser 8 To Be Optional On Windows 7

Microsoft has apparently bowed to European pressure and has built a feature within Windows 7 that may allow users to disable Internet Explorer.

In a post published on "Microsoft's Engineering Windows 7" blog, Jack Mayo who is the group program manager for our Documents and Printing team and also worked on Internet Explorer 8, shed more light on a Windows features that mean disabling Internet Explorer 8 is literally only a tick box away.

He added that deselected features won't be available for use, meaning that "the files (binaries and data) are not loaded by the operating system (for security-conscious customers) and not available to users on the computer." If at a later stage the user wants to bring back the features, he or she can do so simply and quickly without having to pop in the OS media.

Internet Explorer 8 is only one of the many features that can be disabled: other notable ones include Windows search, Media Player and Media Center as well as DVD Maker. It is therefore important to note that no applications will be physically removed per se. Only disabled.

Microsoft might be looking to allay the European Union's wrath in the ongoing antitrust tussle between the two. As it stands though and according to some sources, Internet Explorer 8 may not list amongst those features that can be turned on and off in the Release Candidate version of the OS.

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Our Comments

Interesting development and probably the result of the softening stance adopted by Microsoft. Windows 7 is quickly shaping up to become the biggest Windows launch ever and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, can come in the way. That includes the European Union. Which is why, rather than dissing them and making them even angrier, Microsoft has chosen to play it soft. Will that trash Opera and Google's argument about Microsoft denying Windows users, "a real choice of browser"? Let's see.

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