Twitter Trials Search and Trends Features

Internet phenomenon and Microblogging website Twitter has responded to Facebook's subtle profile page changes and to Google's increasing challenge with some tweaks of its own.

A limited number of Twitter users have been greeted with a Twitter "real-time" search box on the front page on their task bar as well as a more visible "trends" drop down menu.

Twitter got its nifty search feature when it acquired startup Summize but it hasn't capitalise on this vital feature yet. The company has not said whether and when it intends to roll out those changes to the rest of its users.

The search feature will forage data from Twitter's estimated 6 million users and may be the foundation of Twitter's new business models - which ultimately should bring in SOME revenue.

Wired notes that the search feature is slightly limited for now as it lacks an advanced version that allows you to zero in on individuals or followers.

Some like Todd Chaffee, partner at Institutional Venture Partners and an investor in Twitter, believe that the search feature could turn out to become a valuable Q&A tool, a serious rival to Yahoo Answers!

It seems as if these features are part of a radical overhaul that Twitter is about to release on unexpected users with an updated right hand sidebar complete with a "matching users" list.

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal also pointed out to a smartly designed "featured user" on Twitter's Search Engine Results Test Page page which looks like a Google Ad Words.

Appscout believes that the shrinking logo which happened last month could well be part of this grand plan sinne it frees more real estate.

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Our Comments

Twitter needs revenue and fast. By some estimates, Twitter burns about $4 million for its staff alone. To this must be added the servers, bandwidth, the cost of sending SMS messages as well as other ancilliary costs. Ironically, the bigger Twitter becomes, the more messages will be exchanged which means that the cost of adding one more user will increase slightly.

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