Youtube Reaches 100M Viewers in US Alone

Figures disclosed by internet research analyst firm Comscore showed that more than 100M US viewers flocked to online video website Youtube for the first time ever.

In total, more than 15 million video sessions were clocked for the first month of the year, an astonishing 500 million on average per day with Youtube capturing the majority of it.

US viewers spend on average 12 minutes per day watching online videos, up 15 percent on the previous month. At this rate, they will be watching more than one hour of online video per day by December this year.

The number of video users rose by four percent in January compared to December 2008 with Google-owned Youtube responsible for 91 percent of that growth.

On average, an individual US viewer would watch about 63 videos from Youtube and with more than 6 billion videos viewed in January, Youtube has cornered 43 percent of the online US market.

Fox interactive Media and Yahoo video come a distant second and third with a 552 million videos (3.7 percent) and 374 million videos (2.5 percent) viewed over the same period.

Google acquired Youtube back in 2006 for nearly $1.7 million. The site evolved into the third most visited website worldwide and the third then it comes to traffic (the two others being Yahoo and Google). One sixth of all internet traffic worldwide is gobbled by Youtube alone.

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The other Youtube news of the week had to do with the fact that Google and Universal Music Group might be trying to create a premium music video website to take on MTV and potentially Myspace. It is no secret that Record Labels are also feeling the pinch and would like to monetise their entire music catalogues somehow.

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