Apple App Store Now Has 6300 Games For iPhone Platform

Rich Media advertising platform, Mobclix, has released figures that show that the App store has reached nearly 21,000 Apps, out of which roughly 6300 (30 percent) are games.

This is roughly 10 times more than the amount of games available on the Nintendo DS portable gaming console and could possibly pave to way for Apple's iPhone (and iPod Touch) to become a competitor to be reckoned with.

Mobclix data shows that nearly a fifth of the games are a puzzle of some sort with arcade and action next up (roughly 22 percent combined) and around 1500 games are free to downloads.

Nintendo does not consider the iPhone platform to be a serious threat for now but that could change if Apple decides to significantly boost up the iPhone's specifications and pit it squarely against the DSi and the PSP2.

Already a number of game publishers like Gameloft, IDSoftware and Konami have released or are planning to released major new titles according to Gamasutra. 2009 could be very interesting.

Meanwhile, Apple Insider has reported that the renewal process for the iPhone developer contracts could rapidly "be turning into a minor crisis" as registering as a new developer could now take months.

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Our Comments

Apple has a veritable gem in the App Store. 20000 new applications in less than 1 year with an interface significantly more intuitive than anything preceding it makes it a real winner in our eyes. Google, Microsoft, LiMo, RIM and Palm are more than welcomed to try and emulate Apple's success. I wouldn't bet against the Cupertino folks though.

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