Control Your iPod With Your Facial Expression

A Japanese Boffin from the University of Osaka has come up with a novel way of controlling your iPod and could potentially be extended to other electronic devices.

The Mimi switch was invented by Kazuhiro Taniguchi and uses infrared captors to to detect your facial configuration which can then be set against the iPod's mode.

A blink for example might cause the iPod to forward to the next track and sticking your tongue out could cause the music track to pause. That said, scratching your eye or

Arguably, this is a slight albeit interesting variation on face detection technology used by many manufacturers in biometrics which has the inconvenience of needing a front-facing camera to work.

The Mimi switch only needs your heat signature and could have some interesting applications; it also reacts to your emotional state and can alter the user's playlist accordingly.

One example given was cheering music played by the iPod if the user frown a lot. Ultimately, it will all depend on pricing and the ability of the technology to be moulded into various other applications.

For example, based on your heat signature rather than login and password combinations, computers could load different profiles.

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Our Comments

In a few years time, sticking your tongue out or twitching your mouth to switch on your lounge's lights or change TV channels might become commonplace. But that will take a few changes to ensure that false heat signatures or third parties do not interfere with the correct functioning of the device.

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