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Facebook, Myspace More Popular Than Email in UK

A report compiled by research group Nielsen sheds light on the changing habits of online UK users as they shun email and move to social networking websites like Facebook or Myspace.

According to the survey of users' habits compiled in a document called "Global Faces and Networked Places", more than two thirds of web users visit so called "member communities" entities that include blogs and social networking websites.

Although "Member communities" come ahead of email, it is still behind Search (86 percent), Portals and communities (85 percent) and PC Software (73 percent).

Facebook is by far the most visited social networking website in the UK with almost half of all web users visiting it; furthermore, Second life, Youtube and Facebook were the fastest growing websites when comparing the amount of time UK users spent on them.

Not surprisingly, UK online users spend an incredible amount of time (nearly one in every six minutes) on social networking websites and similar ones.

Interestingly, the fastest growing category in the "Member communities" segment is 35 to 49 years old with nearly 25 percent of Facebook users being over 50 years old according to their profile.

Mobile web users tend to visit social networking websites marginally more than desktop bound counterparts (23 percent vs 19 percent). The number of people going on "Member communities" via their mobile phones shot up by a staggering 250 percent.

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Our Comments

Nielsen mentions a category called PC Software which is even more popular than social networking websites. What would PC Software stand for? Could it be online games like World of Warcraft or other MMORPG? If that is so, it would be great to get some more details as Nielsen's report covers almost exclusively social networking.

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